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Here are some frequently asked questions from our clients and consultants

Q: What type of candidates does Greenlight PS and Greenlight TC provide?
A: Greenlight PS provides temporary Engineers, Designers, Drafters and Technicians with Mechanical, CAD and Manufacturing experience including IC Layout and PCB Design.
Greenlight TC provides temporary contract engineers in the areas of Information Technology as well as Software and Hardware Engineering.
Q: What types of companies does Greenlight work with?
A: Our client base is diverse. We work with Fortune 1000 companies, small to medium sized companies, as well as start-up companies. We provide technical professionals to various industries such as Military/Defense, Automotive, Aerospace/Aircraft, Medical Instrumentation, Healthcare, Semiconductor, Consumer Products, Telecommunications, Investment Banks and Petro Chemical/Refineries to name a few.
Q: Does Greenlight offer a Direct Placement service?
A: Yes, Greenlight is pleased to announce that beginning in December we will be offering Direct Placement as another unique service offering.
Q: Can I convert my Greenlight temporary contractor to full time employment?
A: Yes, contact your Greenlight Representative for more information.
Q: Do you perform drug testing and criminal background investigations on your contract employees?
A: Yes, it is a condition of employment with Greenlight.
Q: I have not used a temporary contractor before. Who is the "employer" of record?
A: Greenlight is the Employer of Record for our W-2 contractors.
Q: Does Greenlight pay the employer portion of the taxes?
A: Yes
Q: Does Greenlight maintain liability insurance?
A: Yes, Greenlight maintains liability insurance as well as Workers Compensation insurance, as required by each state. Also, upon request, Greenlight will provide a Certificate of Insurance listing the client as an "Additional Insured".
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